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Mississauga Orthodontics: Braces for Adults & Children

Having straight teeth is about more than getting a beautiful smile, though that’s most often the reason patients seek orthodontic care. When your teeth are well-aligned, you’ll find it easier to clean between and around them. Some patients may even need straighter teeth to help balance their bite and take pressure off jaw joints.

No matter what your reason for seeking braces may be, our Mississauga orthodontist has solutions that will work for you. Our dental office is home to many specialists, including orthodontist Dr. Girish Deshpande. Dr. Deshpande and our team of dental professionals are able to create the treatment plan that will allow you to have a beautiful new smile and healthy bite.

Metal and Tooth-Coloured Braces in Mississauga

We offer plenty of treatment options to choose from. Patients can select any of the following:

  • Regular Metal Braces – Metal braces are most popular, and recommended for patients between the ages of 11-16. Traditional braces use metal wires, brackets and rubber bands to move teeth into better alignment.
  • Ceramic Braces – Tooth-coloured braces feature ceramic wires and brackets for more discreet treatment. The appliance blends in with the natural colour of your teeth, so you can feel confident about showing off your smile during orthodontic treatment.
  • Self-ligating Braces – These modern braces replace ties with built-in clips – there’s no need for rubber bands. The self-ligating technique also uses ceramic brackets that resemble your natural tooth colour, so you don’t get a mouth full of metal.
  • Invisible Braces – Patients who are interested in clear braces can get Invisalign® from our Certified Invisalign® Premier Provider. This system uses clear plastic trays to align teeth and is another excellent choice for invisible orthodontics.

All of these braces, from ceramic to all metal, give the same conservative results and are able to correct facial balance and jaw relationship for improved aesthetic and comfort.

Fast Orthodontic Treatment

We are certified AcceleDent™ providers and can support accelerated braces treatment. AcceleDent™ is an appliance with a wafer-like component that you put between teeth for 20 minutes a day. The device provides gentle vibration and in doing so, accelerates tooth movement by 20-50 percent.

If you’re looking for quicker tooth movement, AcceleDent™ offers the most legitimate solution for accelerated braces. We’re proud to be Gold Level Providers for AcceleDent™ and have helped many patients cut down their treatment time for improved smiles.

Braces for Adults and Kids

Braces aren’t just for kids and teens. We treat both adults and children with braces from our Mississauga orthodontics office.

Adult Braces – If you’re missing teeth, and your remaining teeth are shifting toward the gap, we can straighten existing teeth with metal or tooth-coloured braces and then replace missing teeth with dental implants. As a multi-disciplinary practice, our patients only have to visit one office for all aspects of their treatment – from orthodontics to implants to prosthodontics.

Braces for Kids and Teens – Generally, children receive braces around ages 11 and 12. Dr. Deshpande provides early braces treatment for patients as young as 8 years old for limited correction in order to prevent the development of bigger problems, such as jaw issues. If your child is in need of braces, we offer Wild Smiles – popular pre-teen braces that come in fun shapes; braces don’t have to be boring!

Questions about Braces? Speak to Our Orthodontist

Dr. Desphande has helped thousands of patients get well-aligned smiles that support excellent oral health. He even teaches other dentists in the discipline by working as a faculty instructor at the University of Toronto; you can trust our team to provide high-quality braces treatment in Mississauga, ON.

Contact Mississauga Dental Specialists today for your orthodontic consultation!

Before and After

Before and after braces
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