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Invisalign® – Mississauga Dental Specialists

Don’t let fear of metal braces allow you to put off getting the treatment you need. If you’ve been living with teeth that are crooked or unevenly spaced, your options for care go beyond that of traditional metal braces. As a dental practice that offers patients the benefits of specialty treatment, our orthodontist, Dr. Girish Deshpande, is happy to help patients get beautiful and healthy new smiles with nearly invisible, clear braces/aligners from Invisalign® in Mississauga, Ontario.


The Benefits of Clear Braces from Invisalign®

Invisalign® lets you get discreet, comfortable treatment. Because Invisalign® uses clear plastic trays to move your teeth, you get care that looks completely natural and doesn’t detract from your appearance. Our clear braces are particularly popular with adult patients; invisible orthodontics look more professional in a work environment and don’t stand out in social settings.


With Invisalign®, you get the advantages of:

  • Metal-free Treatment – Invisalign® uses custom-moulded, clear aligners to move your teeth into position. There is no metal contained in your clear aligners.
  • Removability – Invisalign® pops in and out. You can remove your aligners to eat and to brush your teeth, so you can keep your normal, everyday routines.
  • Comfort – Patients who have had regular braces at some point in their lives may recall that the metal brackets and wires could sometimes cause discomfort and irritate soft tissue. Invisalign® contains smooth plastic, which does not harm the inside of your mouth.


At Mississauga Dental Specialists, we are Premier Preferred Providers of Invisalign® and are also certified in Invisalign® Teen. Our orthodontist, Dr. Deshpande, has helped hundreds of patients get the smiles they’ve always wanted with clear braces.


Invisalign® is one of the many orthodontic treatment options that our office has available and is typically indicated for patients with mild to moderate alignment problems. If you are in need of bite correction in addition to improving your teeth’s alignment, we offer options that can help. Our goal is to provide patients with personalized care that fits their needs for treatment.


Get Invisalign® from an Orthodontic Specialist

We’re proud to offer patients clear braces/aligners from a certified orthodontist at our Mississauga dental office.


Because Dr. Deshpande works in the orthodontic dental specialty, he has an understanding of how teeth move with metal, compared to plastic. When planning your treatment, Dr. Deshpande takes everything into consideration, from tooth and gum health, to facial structure. His training and experience allow him to provide predictable results for his Invisalign® patients.


Start Your Invisalign® Treatment Today – Contact Our Office

To learn more about Invisalign®, or to schedule your consultation to see what clear braces can do for you, contact Mississauga Dental Specialists.

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