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Smiling woman after root canal

Mississauga Dental Specialists – Root Canals

Root canal therapy helps dental patients keep their own natural teeth and treat painful tooth infections. However, root canals unfairly get a bad reputation among patients as being particularly uncomfortable or inconvenient. The truth is, getting a root canal is your best choice for the treatment of severe dental problems like abscesses, infection and “dead” teeth.

Our Mississauga endodontist, Dr. Pavel Cherkas, helps get patients out of pain and preserves their natural tooth structure with root canal treatment from our Mississauga dental office.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Root canals are typically recommended when you have a tooth infection. Symptoms of an infection include:

  • Swelling of gum tissue
  • Tooth pain
  • Fever
  • Tender/bleeding gums
  • Persistent bad taste in your mouth

Getting a root canal from our Mississauga dental office alleviates these uncomfortable symptoms by treating dental pulp (the material found inside your tooth). During root canal therapy, Dr. Cherkas accesses the pulp by creating a small hole in the damaged tooth. All infected material is then removed and the tooth is filled with a resin material, leaving it clean and healthy. To finish off treatment, Dr. Cherkas places a tooth-coloured dental crown over the treated tooth, to protect and strengthen it.

When left untreated, a tooth infection can damage a tooth to the point where it will need to be removed. By getting a root canal, you get to keep your own, natural tooth, which is always the best option for your oral health.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Root canals can actually be comfortable treatments if local anaesthetic is properly administered. We practise efficiency in giving anaesthetic to make sure that our root canal patients are comfortable before beginning treatment. Often, the pain of tooth infection is the most uncomfortable part. Dr. Cherkas is skilled at delivering effective anaesthetic so that patients are given the most painless root canal therapy possible.

Root Canals Continuing to Cause Pain?

If you’ve had a tooth treated with a root canal from another dental office and are still experiencing pain, the tooth may require re-treatment. Dr. Cherkas performs comprehensive root canal therapy, which includes re-treating failed root canals. The root canal re-treatment process begins by first removing the dental crown to make sure the tooth is healthy enough to remain in place. Our dental team will also examine the health of the tooth by using a powerful dental microscope, which is able to identify any remaining decay or troublesome spots on teeth.

If, for any reason, the tooth cannot support re-treatment, Dr. Cherkas and the other dental specialists on-staff at our office are able to extract the tooth and give you a sturdy dental implant in the same day.

Learn More about Root Canals – Contact Our Dental Office

If you have questions about getting a root canal, or are concerned that you may have an infected tooth, contact our endodontist and dental specialists right away. We’re here to support your best oral health with comfortable root canal therapy in Mississauga.

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